A Great Nursing Leader and Me

This week I had a very unique experience in my career as a nurse.  I hob-nobbed with Patricia Benner and had a chance to interview her for a video taping session at a National Nursing Educator Summit.  She is a hero of mine and her book, From Novice to Expert nailed it in terms of my appreciation of the transition that people in practice disciplines make as they learn more and experience more and develop their abilities.  She is a distinguished scholar and likely the most famous or one of a hand full of the most famous nurse leaders in the modern era.  She remains very approachable, engaged and well, I guess I would say normal.  She told me about her work with wounded vets and high tech transport of soldiers from the battlefields in mobile ICUs.  She is studying the impact of this care on the patients and on the nurses.  She is not sitting back on her legacy of research and past material but she is right out there creating new knowledge and charting the future of nursing and healthcare.  I am lucky enough to have had the chance to chat with her and get her views on the need for scholarship in nursing.  I sat near her at a conference session on geonomics and the need for nurses and nurse educators to learn about this field and incorporate the knowledge into our practice.  She was taking notes!  I really got a boost from meeting her and I consider her involvement her way of paying it forward to other nurses and creating a legacy.  Thanks Dr. Benner, for being an inspiration.  Diann

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