Expanding my Horizons

In about 3 weeks I am going on a trip to India.  The invitation to go on this trip to visit holy people and tour ancient India came to me at the last minute and although it takes me out of my comfort zone, I am looking forward to the trip.  I will be visiting ayervedic healing centers, ashrams and temples with a group of 10 women.  Today the itinerary arrived and although none of the sites were familiar, I think this is what I appreciated the most. The trip is literally off the beaten path.  I am grateful to have th chance to see and experience the ancient country and old healing treatments and lifestyles.  I plan to take many pictures and keep a journal of my observations and experiences that I witness on this journey.  Recently I learned that whenever I am facing a decision, choice, or opportunity in life, I should decide in favor of my passions.  Being a world traveler and learning new things is on my short list of passions.  What is on yours?  I will be discussing this concept in the next blogs and I hope you are interest in discovering your own passions too. Namaste, Diann

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One thought on “Expanding my Horizons

  1. kathleen kindelin pender says:

    I am so excited for you Diann – and I must admit a bit envious. I will be looking forward to tidbits from your journal. My passions? “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list” and I share this longing w my daughter. I love diverse cultural, spiritual , and creative experiences. Kathleen

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