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Home Page-The Conscious Nurse

Home Page-The Conscious Nurse

Hello friends, I am excited to be launching a new blog site as part of my RoadScholarsRN  program.  I am calling it THE CONSCIOUS NURSE and it is designed to transform nursing through love and self care.  I am a certified Passion Test and Passion Test for Business facilitator and I am committed to changing the lives of nurses to help all of us achieve our vision of the best life we can create.  In future posts I will give you some suggestions that have worked for me to reset my internal gyroscope to LOVING WHAT IS.  For today I suggest a simple but profound tool that I practice every day.  It is called WWWT?

It stands for WHAT WENT WELL today -I write 5 bullet points about aspects of my day that went well and that I enjoyed. Today I identified the following

  • started the work on a year long mentorship program with my transformational gurus
  • planned the details of a trip I am taking to Ireland -I leave in 2 days!
  • listening to the Audiobiography of a Yogi on audiobooks on my drive to work
  • working on a new course for the nursing program that I work with.

None of these are earth shattering, just simple things that make me glad I am on the planet today.  I also want to ask you –

What Went Well Today?  thanks Diann