Monthly Archives: November 2015

Service Learning : the Next RoadScholarsRN Adventure

Roadscholars/RN is on a new trek for nursing -it is a global trek as well. We are arranging to take nursing students and faculty to study and complete clinical work to locations around the globe. While on the trip students will complete service learning in local settings where we will also learn about the customs, history and healthcare needs of the populations. Students may be awarded clinical credit for this experience.

As a bonus -all attendees will complete some transformational work to develop their own future through use of the Passion Test, the most well used approach to determining and focusing your life in alignment with your highest self. You will identify your major life passions and design a roadmap to attain them.  Please contact me if you want more information. I will be marketing the program to colleges and universities in the coming months and hope to have 3 trips abroad scheduled for 2016.  For those who want to remain in the US, I am arranging an experience on a reservation for Native Americans. Stay tuned!


New Location Nov 2015

Hi everyone, John and our 3 dogs and I just relocated our home to Oconommowoc WI. We are temporarily CHEESE HEADs, living on Lac LaBell and in serenity.  John was appointed as a Federal Judge and I am at Herzing University in Brookfield and Kenosha.  This week I will be traveling to FL for the AACN BSN conference and hoping to learn about the future of our profession. I will post more when I return. Happy Thanksgiving to all.