Service Learning for Nurses

525151_10151220070292402_985298986_nGreetings to All-

I recently returned from a 10 day trip to Ecuador to learn about SERVICE LEARNING trips and how to design effective curriculum, coursework and clinical experiences for nursing students. The program was presented by a leader in SERVICE LEARNING, Dr. Tim Stanton formerly of Stanford University in conjunction with United Planet, a non-for-profit organization that arranges trips to 35 countries. My goal is to organize 3 trips for nursing faculty and nursing students in 2017. Right now I am planning on  trips to Ecuador, Cuba and Thailand or the Philipines. Trips would include cultural immersion, tours, working in local community healthcare facilities and personal development. I will be arranging some upcoming webinars to share more information. If you have questions, please contact me at -or you can reply to this post. Thanks Diann

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