Nurses: take a stand against guns

This post is likely to be controversial for some nurses but frankly it is time we stand up for an end to gun violence. Only today 5 police officers were killed following a non violent demonstration against the police shooting of a black man, the second incident in less than two weeks.  I find it unacceptable that we allow people other than police to carry weapons, most certainly concealed weapons.  I do not know if any of you have cared for gun shot victims-I have and it is not a pretty picture.  Bullet holes rip thru tissues and bones and destroy organs in the process. I worked with many paraplegics and quads who were injured by GSWs.  The death and destruction is costly in human life and pain and suffering. Recently in Chicago where I  live, a 4 year old was accidentally shot in a drive by shooting. In my mind the constitutional right to “bear arms” harkens back to days when a real BEAR could stalk and kill you in the woods. It was a time when survival required rifles and guns.  We should be way beyond this need. Hunters can keep their rifles and so forth but why on earth does someone need an automatic or semi-automatic rifle or gun in an urban community?  As advocates for health and well being nurses are in a position to influence an end to this dangerous public health crisis. Take a stand, your life or that of a friend or family member may depend on it. Thanks and let me know if you have other ideas or views or input.

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