Monthly Archives: November 2016

The Conscious Nurse Academy will be launching soon.

Nurses change lives, now it is time to change yours! Soon I will be launching THE CONSCIOUS NURSE ACADEMY. It will be an interactive phone and online web program designed for personal and professional development. My mission with the C.N.A is to inspire nurses to live their ideal lives. Those who enroll will be individually coached through the PASSION TEST via 2 60-90 phone calls with me. This experience alone is valued at 150.00-300.00 dollars.  Following prioritization of your ideal life and and how it will be manifested in your life, we will hold twice a month webinars with content on advances in nursing practice and nursing education.  The program will be offered in two tracks, one for practicing nurses and  one for nurse educators and graduate students. A detailed content list for both tracks will be posted soon. In addition to the 2x/month webinars (they will be recorded) you will have 2 live coaching calls with me to help you move along your success path.  The entire 4 month program is priced at 459.95. If you enroll before Dec. 31st the cost will be 359.95. To enroll early, email me at and I will send you a paypal invoice.