AACN Spring Meeting 2017

Hi everyone, I have been on a road trip to attend and exhibit at several nursing conferences including the Elsevier Nurse Educator conference in Las Vegas and then to DC for the Spring meeting of AACN.  The exhibitors in LV consisted of jewelry, cosmetics, several colleges and a student based EHR tool. Here in DC we have architectural firms and some software vendors.  I was particularly interested in SONIA, a tool that manages and  clinical placements  for nursing students and faculty as well as all of the required records and credentials that schools share with clinical partners. I know from my experience as a Dean of Nursing that this is a monstrosity to manage on paper.  I am promoting THE CONSCIOUS Nurse Academy, a 4 month nursing faculty personal and professional development program that will start in mid April. The program will include the following :

  • Individual coaching and mentoring calls twice a month for 30 minutes each
  • Twice monthly teleseminars for professional educator development- topics covered include: each will be recorded and offered live and include handouts and exercises
    • the state and future state of nursing education
    • professional writing and publication
    • curriculum development and instructional design
    • nursing regulation and accreditation and the role of the faculty
    • conflict management
    • best practice in classroom teaching -both online and face to face
    • Clinical teaching and evaluation of student performance
  • Individualized completion of the Passion Test -a system for identifying & prioritizing
  • your ideal personal and professional life. Between now and April 1 I am discounting the price to $500.00 for enrollees, visit http://www.theconsciousnurseacademy to enroll.

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