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AACN Spring Meeting 2017

Hi everyone, I have been on a road trip to attend and exhibit at several nursing conferences including the Elsevier Nurse Educator conference in Las Vegas and then to DC for the Spring meeting of AACN.  The exhibitors in LV consisted of jewelry, cosmetics, several colleges and a student based EHR tool. Here in DC we have architectural firms and some software vendors.  I was particularly interested in SONIA, a tool that manages and  clinical placements  for nursing students and faculty as well as all of the required records and credentials that schools share with clinical partners. I know from my experience as a Dean of Nursing that this is a monstrosity to manage on paper.  I am promoting THE CONSCIOUS Nurse Academy, a 4 month nursing faculty personal and professional development program that will start in mid April. The program will include the following :

  • Individual coaching and mentoring calls twice a month for 30 minutes each
  • Twice monthly teleseminars for professional educator development- topics covered include: each will be recorded and offered live and include handouts and exercises
    • the state and future state of nursing education
    • professional writing and publication
    • curriculum development and instructional design
    • nursing regulation and accreditation and the role of the faculty
    • conflict management
    • best practice in classroom teaching -both online and face to face
    • Clinical teaching and evaluation of student performance
  • Individualized completion of the Passion Test -a system for identifying & prioritizing
  • your ideal personal and professional life. Between now and April 1 I am discounting the price to $500.00 for enrollees, visit http://www.theconsciousnurseacademy to enroll.

The Conscious Nurse Academy will be launching soon.

Nurses change lives, now it is time to change yours! Soon I will be launching THE CONSCIOUS NURSE ACADEMY. It will be an interactive phone and online web program designed for personal and professional development. My mission with the C.N.A is to inspire nurses to live their ideal lives. Those who enroll will be individually coached through the PASSION TEST via 2 60-90 phone calls with me. This experience alone is valued at 150.00-300.00 dollars.  Following prioritization of your ideal life and and how it will be manifested in your life, we will hold twice a month webinars with content on advances in nursing practice and nursing education.  The program will be offered in two tracks, one for practicing nurses and  one for nurse educators and graduate students. A detailed content list for both tracks will be posted soon. In addition to the 2x/month webinars (they will be recorded) you will have 2 live coaching calls with me to help you move along your success path.  The entire 4 month program is priced at 459.95. If you enroll before Dec. 31st the cost will be 359.95. To enroll early, email me at and I will send you a paypal invoice.

Nurses: take a stand against guns

This post is likely to be controversial for some nurses but frankly it is time we stand up for an end to gun violence. Only today 5 police officers were killed following a non violent demonstration…

Source: Nurses: take a stand against guns

Nurses: take a stand against guns

This post is likely to be controversial for some nurses but frankly it is time we stand up for an end to gun violence. Only today 5 police officers were killed following a non violent demonstration against the police shooting of a black man, the second incident in less than two weeks.  I find it unacceptable that we allow people other than police to carry weapons, most certainly concealed weapons.  I do not know if any of you have cared for gun shot victims-I have and it is not a pretty picture.  Bullet holes rip thru tissues and bones and destroy organs in the process. I worked with many paraplegics and quads who were injured by GSWs.  The death and destruction is costly in human life and pain and suffering. Recently in Chicago where I  live, a 4 year old was accidentally shot in a drive by shooting. In my mind the constitutional right to “bear arms” harkens back to days when a real BEAR could stalk and kill you in the woods. It was a time when survival required rifles and guns.  We should be way beyond this need. Hunters can keep their rifles and so forth but why on earth does someone need an automatic or semi-automatic rifle or gun in an urban community?  As advocates for health and well being nurses are in a position to influence an end to this dangerous public health crisis. Take a stand, your life or that of a friend or family member may depend on it. Thanks and let me know if you have other ideas or views or input.

Service Learning for Nurses

525151_10151220070292402_985298986_nGreetings to All-

I recently returned from a 10 day trip to Ecuador to learn about SERVICE LEARNING trips and how to design effective curriculum, coursework and clinical experiences for nursing students. The program was presented by a leader in SERVICE LEARNING, Dr. Tim Stanton formerly of Stanford University in conjunction with United Planet, a non-for-profit organization that arranges trips to 35 countries. My goal is to organize 3 trips for nursing faculty and nursing students in 2017. Right now I am planning on  trips to Ecuador, Cuba and Thailand or the Philipines. Trips would include cultural immersion, tours, working in local community healthcare facilities and personal development. I will be arranging some upcoming webinars to share more information. If you have questions, please contact me at -or you can reply to this post. Thanks Diann

Service Learning : the Next RoadScholarsRN Adventure

Roadscholars/RN is on a new trek for nursing -it is a global trek as well. We are arranging to take nursing students and faculty to study and complete clinical work to locations around the globe. While on the trip students will complete service learning in local settings where we will also learn about the customs, history and healthcare needs of the populations. Students may be awarded clinical credit for this experience.

As a bonus -all attendees will complete some transformational work to develop their own future through use of the Passion Test, the most well used approach to determining and focusing your life in alignment with your highest self. You will identify your major life passions and design a roadmap to attain them.  Please contact me if you want more information. I will be marketing the program to colleges and universities in the coming months and hope to have 3 trips abroad scheduled for 2016.  For those who want to remain in the US, I am arranging an experience on a reservation for Native Americans. Stay tuned!


New Location Nov 2015

Hi everyone, John and our 3 dogs and I just relocated our home to Oconommowoc WI. We are temporarily CHEESE HEADs, living on Lac LaBell and in serenity.  John was appointed as a Federal Judge and I am at Herzing University in Brookfield and Kenosha.  This week I will be traveling to FL for the AACN BSN conference and hoping to learn about the future of our profession. I will post more when I return. Happy Thanksgiving to all.


Home Page-The Conscious Nurse

Home Page-The Conscious Nurse

Hello friends, I am excited to be launching a new blog site as part of my RoadScholarsRN  program.  I am calling it THE CONSCIOUS NURSE and it is designed to transform nursing through love and self care.  I am a certified Passion Test and Passion Test for Business facilitator and I am committed to changing the lives of nurses to help all of us achieve our vision of the best life we can create.  In future posts I will give you some suggestions that have worked for me to reset my internal gyroscope to LOVING WHAT IS.  For today I suggest a simple but profound tool that I practice every day.  It is called WWWT?

It stands for WHAT WENT WELL today -I write 5 bullet points about aspects of my day that went well and that I enjoyed. Today I identified the following

  • started the work on a year long mentorship program with my transformational gurus
  • planned the details of a trip I am taking to Ireland -I leave in 2 days!
  • listening to the Audiobiography of a Yogi on audiobooks on my drive to work
  • working on a new course for the nursing program that I work with.

None of these are earth shattering, just simple things that make me glad I am on the planet today.  I also want to ask you –

What Went Well Today?  thanks Diann

Expanding my Horizons

In about 3 weeks I am going on a trip to India.  The invitation to go on this trip to visit holy people and tour ancient India came to me at the last minute and although it takes me out of my comfort zone, I am looking forward to the trip.  I will be visiting ayervedic healing centers, ashrams and temples with a group of 10 women.  Today the itinerary arrived and although none of the sites were familiar, I think this is what I appreciated the most. The trip is literally off the beaten path.  I am grateful to have th chance to see and experience the ancient country and old healing treatments and lifestyles.  I plan to take many pictures and keep a journal of my observations and experiences that I witness on this journey.  Recently I learned that whenever I am facing a decision, choice, or opportunity in life, I should decide in favor of my passions.  Being a world traveler and learning new things is on my short list of passions.  What is on yours?  I will be discussing this concept in the next blogs and I hope you are interest in discovering your own passions too. Namaste, Diann

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